I learned a valuable lesson while playing hearthstone last night…

Commission #241: Bilbo Batman for the_saturday_knight

Of course vengeance, but I imagine the ring is most helpful for becoming the night.

Commission #240: Continuation of Hunchback Pilot for Polar_iv

The first one was kiiiiiind of super derpy so I reshaped her a bit!  Now with more human!

Commission #204: Comstar Explorer Corps Stumbles onto Columbus for George

…because I apparently forgot to post the finished one.

Still working on retooling commission #224.

Speaking of which, have you met Gary?  He is a sexy lamp.  And it is waaaay too late to tag Kelly Sue Deconnick.




Hey Whizbang!

Everyone having a great first day of con?

Well here I am to remind you it’s exactly 24 hours till the Carol Corps SDCC Meetup. Get excite!

We’re meeting on the external stairs on the front side of the convention center. See the picture above or this link to google maps for clarification. {linky}

  • Friday (July 25th) 2pm PST.
  • kellysue will be there
  • Duckface selfies will be happening
  • Wear your Carol Corps swag if you got it!

I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

I like that we have the latitude and longitude of the meet up.  I know I can count on you for these things, Nakki.  

In other news, my “science” in CM 8 is going to make you stubby.  So, uh, prepare, I guess. 

Stabby! Stabby, not stubby.


"Science" can’t make me stubby, but surgery sure can. ._.;;;;;

Commission #239: Continuation of Ardan Saves Helaviel from the Fire, a BAGrd20 commission for Brusana!

Starting to find my feet again with inking!  I’ll have to go back over most of the dragon, but doing it this way seems to be working better than I expected.  …which is to say that I took the sketch a little further than I normally do before starting to ink and that is giving me a little more to work with.  Hooray~

Commission #238: Dual AC/10 Jagermech with a Mohawk for Imperialcavsct, a $5 commission for art night!

…I think I’m getting better at this. :O

Commission #237: Continuation of Sword of the Stars 2 Battle Scene for Solpel, which I will continue to typo as “Solepl” because I can typing and words is hard.

Inking phase is mostly done.  Now for massive reorganization and sense-making!   …and coloring.

Commission #236: Woodland Camo Combat Boots for Imperialcavsct

Imperialcavsct very perceptively (damned psychics) noted a need for more shoe drawings in my life.

Commission 233: Ms. Marvel-Themed Defacement of Ardan Saves Helaviel from the Fire for Solpel

Commission #230: Sailor Fuzzies for Musel1, decidedly still in progress!

Commission #228: Commando Skull and Crossbones for Imperialcavsct!

Does anyone else find Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag horrifically addicting??

(#224 and 228 are still in progress, so I’ll not spoil them for you guys)