Commission #245: Superhero for Solpel

Commissioned as an exercise in both posing and costume design.  First in a series of 3 (currently).

Commissions #247 and #249: Continuation of Sword of the Stars Battle Scene for Solpel

…detailing when better than expected! Note: the Liir is missing because I was getting a little confused with all these lines everywhere. ^^;

Commission #246: Ardan Saves Helaviel from the Fire for Bru

Inking continues. I’ve been trying to take on more pieces like this to feel my way through inking, but it seems like I’ve changed methodology significantly between the left and right halves.  I’ll have to reconcile this soon…


Okay, so hopefully this will be the final update. :)

Since yesterday evening, I have had private email communication with Mr. Queen. I am satisfied with what he said. He’s personally apologized to me, and is withdrawing the DMCA takedown complaints against this blog. I’ve…

Commission #244: Attempt at Replicating the Texture of Leather for Carrilla

Ehh, she didn’t need a face or hands anyway!

Commission #243: Continuation of Ardan Saves Helaviel from the Fire for Bru

Award-winning journalist, author and self-proclaimed “Galactic Citizen” Walter Tucker, examines events and decisions, both past and present, that have shaped the course of human history across the Inner Sphere. Through a critical yet unbiased eye, Mr. Tucker presents his take on these events and leaves us each to think on where we have been and where we are going.

The Inner Sphere Chronicles is written by David Martin.
With additional material by George Ledoux
Produced and performed by George Ledoux and Voices In My Head® Productions
Music by Jon Steadman
ISC artwork created by B.B. Wolfe aka. Laura Shaw

“By now most members of the Comic-Con and cosplay community are likely aware that early Sunday morning a female cosplayer was found unconscious at the 333 West Harbor Drive Marriott Marquis and Marina hotel. It was the girl’s first visit to Con, and her seventeenth birthday. We spoke to a Harbor Police Sergeant who asks that anyone with information reach out by e-mailing”

I learned a valuable lesson while playing hearthstone last night…

Commission #241: Bilbo Batman for the_saturday_knight

Of course vengeance, but I imagine the ring is most helpful for becoming the night.

Commission #240: Continuation of Hunchback Pilot for Polar_iv

The first one was kiiiiiind of super derpy so I reshaped her a bit!  Now with more human!

Commission #204: Comstar Explorer Corps Stumbles onto Columbus for George

…because I apparently forgot to post the finished one.