Commission 233: Ms. Marvel-Themed Defacement of Ardan Saves Helaviel from the Fire for Solpel

Commission #230: Sailor Fuzzies for Musel1, decidedly still in progress!

Commission #228: Commando Skull and Crossbones for Imperialcavsct!

Does anyone else find Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag horrifically addicting??

(#224 and 228 are still in progress, so I’ll not spoil them for you guys)

Commission #223: Continuation of Marvel vs. Marvel for Solpel

Again, I am sad that they are inexplicably fighting in this. :P


George Ledoux fills us in on joint Marik/Liao operations in this episode of The Inner Sphere Chronicles!

One of these days, I will do this from the right tumblr….

Commission #222: Victor and Pilot on the Battlefield for Noth, still in progress.  Working on adding more contrast to subjects in the foreground.

Commission #221: Marvel vs. Marvel Fight for Solpel

I picked my two favorite, Captain Marvel and the new Ms. Marvel, and then I realized I had to make them upset with each other. :(((

Didn’t get as far as I wanted to, so I’ll probably end up revisiting this over the weekend.

Commission #220: Continuation of Sword of the Stars 2 Battle Scene for Solpel

I am the slowest inker ever. :(((

Commission #217: If the Hunchback Had Been on the Ship Instead of Ben Grimm for Imperialcavsct, a $5 commission from Art Night!

Commission 216: Duskwalker Family Crest for Brusana, a $5 commission from Art Night!

With this one, I learned that masks are fun (and extremely useful). :O


Sketch of the day format experiment!
…which is to say that I printed the wrong size and I hate wasting paper. :p

Reblogging myself because I can!

Commission #215a: Continuation of Sword of the Stars II Battle Scene for Solpel

How do you feel about the line weights here?  Should I change them?

Commission #214: Continuation of Sword of the Stars for Solpel.

Inking phase!  Need to go back over some of these for consistency.  I always start these things and then realize halfway through that what I’m doing and what I wanted to do are two entirely different things…

When I get to the coloring phase, do you think I should go with vivid colors or a more muted, gritty feel?